Management Team

Hi3 Solutions Management Team is the personification of our company foundation based on core values Confident | Commitment | Motivation | Collaboration and Proactive. We encourage each team member to come up with their ideas and suggestions that bring value to our customers and contribute to the growth of the company. We encourage our consultants to go beyond our customer expectations and earn incentives from Hi3 Solutions.

The demand for electronic health information exchange from one health care professional to another is growing along with national efforts to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of health care delivery. Within the United State of America, the Health information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITCH) Act provides the Department of Health & Human services(HASH) with the authority to establish programs to improve health care quality, safety and efficiency through the promotion of health IT, including electronic health records and private and secure electronic health information exchanges . Meaningful use requirements, new payment approaches that street care coordination, and federal financial incentives are all driving the interest and demand for health information exchange. Similar initiatives are underway in other nations throughout the world. The establishment and adoption of standards for health information excesses are critical success factors for these national health, health care, and health finance improvement initiative's.

The co-founders of Hi3 Solutions bring together their collective talent, resources, and decades of experience in health care informatics standards development and implementation, health care system design and development, and health information management consulting. The strategic focus and mission of Hi3 Solutions is to provide the health care information integration infrastructure (Hi3) that services as the foundational enabler of health informatics standards adoption, compliance and application.

Hi3 Solutions offers an evidence based patient care integration software which is playing a game changing role for the way hospitals & clinics currently run healthcare operations. As the CIO of Hi3 Solutions management team, which is focused precisely in the healthcare IT sector, we are developing practical software solutions to integrate disparate application data flows, connect various health care organizations effectively together while optimizing essential work-flows to support our end users patient care goals. This proven approach saves money, time while increasing efficiency.


We have currently initiated the development of an end-to-end product Health care Tool that is aimed to satisfy all process related capabilities.


Services we provide :


- HL7 Training & Message Validation

- HL7 v2



- HIT Standards

- Healthcare Information Management,& Exchange


- Health information Interfaces

- Laboratory Information System and Interfaces

- Interface Engines

- Public Health & Message Services

- Disease Registries

- CDA/CCDA Reporting

- Lab Reporting

- Healthcare Registries In USA & India

Abdul Malik Shakir-Co-Founder, President & Chief Informatics Scientist

Abdul Malik Shakir

Tariq Altaf-Chief information officer

Tariq Altaf

TAF Fattani-Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer


Mike Yatham-Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Tariq Altaf

Salimah Shakir&-Senior Business Systems Analyst 

Tariq Altaf