Health Care Business Intelligence Solution

Hi3 delivers business intelligence in three layers:

The Hi3 business intelligence approach

Hi3 BI solutions provide cost-effective ways to provide organization-wide access to information using familiar tools that are flexible enough to meet a diversity of needs across a wide range of users. By utilizing many of the existing tools you have in place today, Hi3 BI can reduce the incremental costs of new solutions and speed up delivery time. Users at all levels can create reports, perform analysis and store information and communications. Staff resources are freed up to work on other critical infrastructure needs.

In the past, BI has been only for the few specialists trained to query and format data. It's time to think more broadly about BI. Whether at the personal, departmental, or organizational level, Hi3 BI provides all workers with easy access to relevant, actionable information, when they need it.

Organizational Business Intelligence

Use to achieve larger strategic initiatives, such as operating margins, return on strategic investments, and quality of care goals.


Departmental Business Intelligence

helps your staff work more effectively as a team, ensuring the goals of the department are met. Personnel can create reports and dashboards that display key process metrics.

Personal Business Intelligence

Help workers with tasks they do every day and manage individual goals and tasks.

Specific examples of BI in the health care environment

Service line analysis and reporting

You can also use Hi3 BI tools to conduct service line analysis and reporting. Analyzing and reporting on service lines allows your organization to accurately - and in real time - understand service inefficiencies, and improve the coordination of services, patient satisfaction, and the quality of care. Health organizations typically track and analyze performance metrics for health and wellness service lines (for example, weight management and nutrition), women and infant services, traditional lines of service (for example, musculoskeletal, orthopedic, and emergency), and chronic disease lines (for example, cancer, heart, and diabetes).

By using Hi3 BI, you can analyze and report on service lines to help improve the quality and efficiency of medical service delivery, align with organizational goals, reduce costs, and improve margins.

Health and wellness service line management
Hi3 BI can help you better understand and track trends in health issues and health programs with easy access to real-time information. Health care professionals can drill down into the data to explore details behind the trends, allowing them to quickly respond and to adjust efforts. Balanced Scorecard

Health care organizations are motivated to make performance management a part of their culture. Hi3 BI tools help you use the Balanced Scorecard as a strategic management system to track organizational performance across financial, clinical, business process, and learning and growth measures. Once performance metrics are set, you can identify the key drivers, or desired outcomes, and then define indicators to gauge progress.

By using Hi3 BI to manage to key indicators, you can achieve consistent strategy execution and monitor performance. By tracking patient satisfaction, quality of care, financial performance, and enhanced learning and growth metrics, the Balanced Scorecard can provide a complete view of the organization. Hi3 BI enables you to link together all the key elements of the Balanced Scorecard with easy-to-use templates and a single interface for viewing KPIs. Decision-makers can track operational performance drivers and analyze financial, operational, and clinical KPIs across the organization with customizable scorecards for groups and individuals.