Health care Consultant Services

Hi3 Solutions' CONSULTING AND CONTRACTED SERVICES are provided by a diverse set of HIT professionals with talent and experience in all areas of health care informatics, health information exchange, and health information management in general. Consulting personnel provide advisory services and expert strategic guidance, while contracted resources provide staffing for projects to augment internal personnel and fulfill gaps in skills or available bandwidth. Contracted services are also available to design and develop of custom turnkey solutions to meet client specific information management needs.


We have currently initiated the development of an end-to-end product Health care Tool that is aimed to satisfy all process related capabilities.


Services we provide :


- HL7 Training & Message Validation

- HL7 v2



- HIT Standards

- Healthcare Information Management,& Exchange


- Health information Interfaces

- Laboratory Information System and Interfaces

- Interface Engines

- Public Health & Message Services

- Disease Registries

- CDA/CCDA Reporting

- Lab Reporting

- Healthcare Registries In USA & India

Healthcare Providers

We assist both large and small healthcare providers/clinics in the delivery of high-quality care with innovative and most cost-effective solutions. We have developed comprehensive suites of healthcare products for the primary care, specialty care, nursing care, dentistry, and behavioral healthcare.

Our healthcare solutions include:

Health Insurance Providers

The health insurance industry is undergoing constant changes due to the new healthcare reforms and regulatory mandate. The insurance payers are embracing new technology and organizational restructuring in order to reduce cost, improve efficiency, and eliminate costly errors.

Our healthcare insurance solutions include: