What is Hi3 Solutions?

Hi3 Solutions is a Health Information Technology (HIT) vendor. We provide technologies and services that facilitate the use of standards for Health Information Exchange (HIE).

Is Hi3 certified?

Our products are still under development. We intend to have discussions with HL7, NIST and ONC to define a process by which our products can be vetted. We are not an EHR/EMR vendor, so the process of MU certification does not apply to our products.

What exactly does the Standard Conformance Validator do?

The validator compares a message instance to the relevant message standard and message profile to check for compliance with the standard and conformance with the profile. It generates a report of defects if the message fails validation. For now, we are focused on HL7 v2 and will eventually provide a validation service for HL7 v3, CDA, and even non-HL7 HIE structures (like X12 or NCPDP).

Why do I need an Hi3 product like the Standard Conformance Validator?

The whole intent behind the Hi3 Solutions suite of tools is to assist in accelerating standards adoption. All parties involved in health information exchange are required to validate conformance to standard at some point. This applies to vendors, information providers, and information recipients alike. Hi3 SCV reduces the labor costs and time required to embed this logic into your application or workflow.

What is the price for Hi3 products (SCV)?

We are still doing market analysis to determine how best to price the products. It is a unique product suite, and so there are not a lot of existing pricing models to compare it to. We do expect that whatever pricing model we apply, early adopters will be provided substantial discounts. We are also looking for alpha and beta sites to assist us with product design and testing. Would you be interested?

What other Hi3 products are available?

The three products we intend to bring to market in 2014 are the Standard Conformance Validator (SCV), the Health Information Integrator (HII), and the Health Care Quality Manager (HQM). We also offer consulting and educational services related to standards-based health information exchange. Please visit our website: www.Hi3Solutions.com for a complete description of our product and service offerings.

How many hospitals and provider organizations are using Hi3 products??

The Hi3 products are still under development and will not be released to the market until 2014. There are several provider organizations, professional societies, disease registries, and interface engine vendors with which we have started consultations regarding being early adopters of our solutions. However, Shakir Consulting and education services have been used widely. Abdul Malik Shakir, our president and chief informatics scientist, also heads our Hi3 Consulting Group and has been providing consulting services through Shakir Consulting, a member of the Hi3 Consulting Group, since 2001.

Who should I contact if I need more information about Hi3 products and services?

TAF Fattani is our chief marketing officer and will assist. You can find his contact information on our website www.hi3solutions.com or dial our number +1 800 918 6520. Our website also contains a wealth of information about our products and services. Under the education and training tab, you will find information about free introductory webinars we are hosting in October and November. Please join us on Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 when we will be hosting a meet and greet in our suite at the hotel. Refreshments will be provided and you will get to meet members of the Hi3 Solutions management team. Abdul Malik will present a 30-minute overview of our company, products and services.

Does Hi3 SCV work on both version 2.x and 3?

We currently have a functioning prototype of the HL7 v2.x version of the SCV. We are still in the design phase for the v3 and CDA versions of the SCV. We are waiting to see if there will be a need for an FHIR version of the SCV.

What is HL7 relationship to Hi3

Hi3 Solutions is a member of HL7. We intend to work with HL7 work groups, such as conformance, tooling, modeling and methodology, and vocabulary, to further the work in those areas. We also understand that HL7 is considering offering conformance testing as a member benefit. We are interested in discussing how we might assist should they decide to do that.

What are your plans in regards to other standards like X12?

We intend to address all standards used in Health Information Exchange that includes X12, CEN, ISO and others. Our initial focus will be ANSI and ISO accredited standards, especially those adopted by national health programs as part of their eHealth improvement programs.

Are Hi3 products installed at our server location?

We intend to market Hi3 products in an SaaS model as well as in frameworks that can be installed at a client site. We also plan to provide an OEM model in which your existing vendors could offer Hi3 Solutions services bundled with their product. Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of health information exchange standards. We will offer our products through any means that fulfills that objective and works best for our clients.

Can we test your products in our environment?

Our products are still under development and will not be released to the market until 2014. However, we are seeking assistance from organizations, such as yours, that would be interested in becoming alpha and beta users to assist us with product design and testing. If interested, please contact Tariq Altaf, our chief information officer, who oversees all aspects of product development. Please access his contact information on our website www.hi3solutions.com or call our office at +1 800 918 6520.

Do your products work with any software or platform?

Our products are being developed in Java. We intend to remain platform independent. We also offer a service model in which the application is hosted on our site and made available to you via a set of application program interfaces (APIs).

What is the timeline in which to have your products on the market?

Our products will be brought to market in 2014. The first general release of SCV is targeted to occur in Q2, HQM in Q3, and HII in Q4. Each product will be made available to alpha and beta clients about a quarter prior to general release. Our consulting and education services are available immediately. If interested in education or consulting services, please contact AbdulMalik Shakir who heads our Hi3 Consulting Group and will assist with your education and consulting needs. Please access his contact information on our website www.hi3solutions.com or call our office at +1 800 918 6520.


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