Health Care Information Integration Infrastructure Solutions

Hi3 Solutions is a privately owned Health Information Technology vendor headquartered in Los Angeles, California. It provides HIT products, education, and consulting services that enable its clients to engage effectively in health information exchange, health data integration, and health care quality measurement required to establish and comply with evidence-based best practices in health care. The mission of Hi3 Solutions is to accelerate widespread adoption and compliance with emerging HIT standards by offering the information integration infrastructure necessary to enable the use of health information exchange standards, meaningful health care quality and performance measures, and standardized clinical decision support capabilities.

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Technology is rapidly changing the world landscape: the explosion of analytics-driven decision making, the exponential growth of Big Data, the proliferation of massive computing power via "The Mobile Wave,"



HI3 Solutions seeks to accelerate the implementation of regulated health care information exchange by providing a comprehensive suite of software products & professional services


Education & Training

Hi3 analytics and consulting services is dedicated to improving the bottom line of our clients. Hi3 allows health plans, hospitals, physicians and payers to achieve a 360-degree view of clinical and financial data